Our Favorite Things about Yoga Are:

“How it can bring peace and rejuvenation. I love the toning and strong arms yoga gives my body.”

Michelle Jerome

“I love the presence it encourages and fosters in my body, giving room for my spirit and mind to find ease, focus, and peace.”

Kendra Coakley Pense

“Yoga is the new cardio in my book! I’ve always taught yoga as an “extra” in all my fitness classes but now it’s my main workout and I’ve seen more results physically with just doing yoga. It isn’t even considered a “fitness class” to me because I have never experienced any kind of “burn out” with teaching it. I always look forward to my classes after teaching dance and tumbling for a few hours.”

Stacey Meehan

“The ability to continue to return to my mat and know that where ever my body is during that moment or that day is totally perfect. As a very competitive person, I love being able to check my ego at the door and just allow myself to be in that moment.”

Kamille Breuer

“…the awareness that it grants us at physical, emotional & spiritual levels…I also love how it truly is a gateway to the wellspring of peace that lies within us.”

Dr. Christine E. Kiesinger

“My favorite thing about yoga is the opportunity to be centered and present. I have always been involved in athletics throughout my life, but found myself falling in love with Hot Yoga a couple of years ago. I love the opportunity to sharpen my focus, detox my body and push myself beyond my own limits all the while maintaining an environment free of judgement and full of acceptance for where I am in my practice that day. I have also found Yin to be a perfect compliment to hot yoga and helps open and lengthen where needed. I love my time on the mat and appreciate how essential oils can deepen my experience for my practice.”

Lisa Barge

“My favorite thing about yoga…the journey! Not just my own personal journey, but the path it leads my students on and the amazing and gratifying growth that comes from practicing yoga.”

Michelle Brannan

“It creates a personal awareness, that teaches us to honor and respect ourselves and others. Through that learning process, we start to listen to our own body and try to be good and do good in our everyday life.”

Limor Kolt